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The contents of this article are correct as at 24 April 2016.

On 22 April 2016 the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), the organisation responsible for providing migration skills assessments for teachers, announced a number of changes to its skills assessment requirements which will apply to applications received from 22 April 2016.

English Language Requirements

In order to be assessed as a teacher the skills assessing body requires applicants to satisfy an English language requirement.  This requirement can be met by providing evidence that an applicant has completed at least four years of tertiary study in Australia, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States of America.

The alternative is to provide an Academic level International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test report form showing the applicant has obtained the following scores:

  • 7.0 for Reading
  • 7.0 for Writing
  • 8.0 for Speaking
  • 8.0 for Listening

While it used to be the case that AITSL would only accept test results which were 12 months old or less, they will now accept a result which has been achieved in the 24 months prior to the application being submitted.

Practical teaching experience for Early Childhood Teachers

In order for an applicant to receive a positive skills assessment in their chosen teaching occupation they must have completed at least 45 days of supervised teaching practice with students in a designated age range. Up until 21 April 2016 the designated age range for Early Childhood Teachers was 3-8 years of age.  From 22 April 2016 the age range for practical teaching experience has been expanded to cover children from birth to 8 years of age, making it consistent with the age range covered in many Early Childhood Teaching qualifications offered in Australia.

Both of the above changes have been brought in to ensure that AITSL’s skills assessment criteria is consistent with national registration requirements for teachers in Australia.

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