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DAMA agreements are arrangements agreed between the Federal Government and a regional, state or territory authority. The purpose of these agreements is to fulfil the unique labour requirements of individual regional areas. Employers with access to a DAMA are able to nominate skilled and semi- skilled workers for TSS 482 and 186 visas in occupations that may have otherwise not been eligible. Nominating workers under a DAMA arrangement may also provide employers and their workers with concessions, including minimum salary levels and English language criteria.

The DAMA Framework

The DAMA framework consists of two components. The first is a foundational 5-year head agreement with the region’s government representative authority. The second component are the individual Labour Agreements with the employers within that region, made under the terms of the head agreement.

Nominating a Position Under a DAMA

To nominate a worker for a position under the DAMA scheme, the employer must first obtain endorsement from the Designated Area Representative, and then lodge and obtain approval for a Labour Agreement. The position must be specified in the head agreement and the employer must be able to demonstrate a genuine attempt to recruit Australian workers.
Once a Labour Agreement is in place the employer may nominate eligible workers within the 482 TSS pathway. The 482 TSS visa holder may subsequently become eligible for a 186 LAS visa.

How we can help

Labour Agreements negotiated under the DAMA scheme, as well as the associated nomination and visa applications can be involved and complicated matters. We are able to manage all aspects of the application process for organisations and their workers.
Our professional services include:

  • Advising on and seeking endorsement from the Designated Area representative
  • Advising on and preparing the application for a Labour Agreement
  • Negotiating the
  • the terms of the Labour Agreement, where possible, to suit the circumstances and needs of the organisation
  • Advising on and preparing nomination and visa applications
  • Advising on and assisting with the preparation of the employment offer and contract to satisfy immigration requirements
  • Communicating with the Department on behalf of the employer and the visa applicant until a decision is received

To discuss how we can assist you with the various applications under the DAMA scheme, please click here to contact Visa Lawyers Australia.