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The 408 Temporary Activity visa allows overseas nationals to participate in a range of specified activities, including academic research projects, sport, special events, religious work, social or cultural activities or as entertainers, on a temporary basis.

A person wishing to apply for a 408 visa must be sponsored or (if the stay is less than 3 months) invited by the organisation and have a background consistent with the proposed activity. They will also need to meet health and character requirements. The visa may be granted for a period of up to 2 years, depending on the duration or the activity.

How we can help

We offer the following professional services within the 408 pathway:

  • Advising on criteria and supporting evidence required
  • Managing large and small group applications, including coordination of document collection and communications, to ensure efficient processing
  • Preparing and submitting applications
  • Assisting with the drafting of letters of Invitation, to ensure that these meet Department requirements
  • Communicating with the Department on behalf of the organisation and the visa applicant until a decision is received

To discuss how we can assist you with advice, as well as preparing and lodging an application under the 408 visa scheme, please click here to contact Visa Lawyers Australia.