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For the employer-linked temporary 482 TSS and regional 494 visas, employers are required to have either a sponsorship agreement or a Labour Agreement in order to nominate eligible workers.
For organisations seeking to invite individuals for training or other temporary activities within the 407 or 408 pathways, they are required to hold a temporary activity sponsorship agreement.

An approved sponsor under these agreements must comply with certain obligations.

We offer assistance in securing sponsorship agreements and labour agreements, monitoring and compliance. Our assistance includes assessing your organisation’s business operations and financial position to ensure that it will meet the requirements for sponsorship. We prepare the applications as well as the bundle of supporting documentation to be submitted in support.

Where your organisation sponsors a large number of temporary workers or temporary activity visa holders, we are able to monitor visa expiry and assist with implementing processes to ensure that the required notifications, with respect to change of duties, cessation of activity or visa expiry are being forwarded to the Department of Home Affairs / Australian Border Force, within the required timeframes. We also provide advice and consulting services on sponsorship obligations and compliance.