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Employers may nominate an existing worker under the LAS, where the worker holds a primary 482 or 457 visa, and the terms of the Labour Agreement have been complied with to allow for the transition to the 186 visa. The nomination requirements vary depending on the terms of the Labour Agreement in place. The worker must meet age and English requirements set out in the Labour Agreement, as well as character and health criteria.

How we can help

We provide professional end to end assistance with 186 visas, managing all aspects related to the nomination and visa criteria.

Our professional services include:

  • Assessing circumstances and advising on criteria and eligibility, including whether the terms of the Labour Agreement have been met
  • Outlining issues and implementing risk minimisation strategies
  • Advising on essential documentation and information required by the organisation and worker
  • Preparing and lodging the nomination and visa applications
  • Communicating with the Department on behalf of the organisation and the visa applicant until a decision received

To discuss how we can assist you with advice, and well as in preparing and lodging a nomination and visa application for your existing worker under the 186 LAS Employer Sponsored Nomination Scheme, please click here to contact Visa Lawyers Australia