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The contents of this article are correct as at 30 December 2013.

The article titled ICT Work Experience Assessments by the Australian Computer Society dated 28 June 2013 addressed the criteria for skills assessment when applying to the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

To recap, under Australian migration law the ACS is the designated skills assessing body for ICT occupations. The date an Applicant becomes “skilled” is dependent on the qualifications held by the applicant and the number of years the applicant has been employed in the nominated occupation. Therefore, an applicant with a Bachelor degree or higher qualification with an ICT major closely related to the nominated occupation is required to demonstrate at least 2 years of relevant work experience to obtain a positive skills assessment.

At the time of writing the above article, the question remained whether the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (“Immigration Department”) would recognise (and potentially award points for) all relevant work experience obtained after completion of the required qualification. Alternatively would the Immigration Department discount (that is, not take ino account) the relevant work experience that was viewed as necessary by the ACS for the purposes of attaining the “skilled” level.

The Immigration Department has now clarified that for points to be awarded for employment in the ICT skilled occupation it must meet the following three requirements:

  • the skilled employment has been undertaken after ACS has assessed the applicant to have become “skilled”; and
  • it involved duties at the level of depth and complexity expected in Australia; and
  • it meets the standards of skilled employment set by ACS for that occupation.

This effectively means that the any work experience required in order to become “skilled” according to the ACS is not eligible for claiming employment points.

Therefore, if a skills assessment provides a date on which the ACS is of the view that the applicant became ‘skilled’, the Immigration Department will only count employment experience (for employment points) after that date.

Extreme care must be taken when determining the level and extent of relevant work experience in a skilled occupation.

If you require assistance with an ACS skills assessment or in relation to ICT work experience, or have any questions concerning this article, please feel free to contact us.