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The contents of this article are correct as at 31 August 2013.

Over the course of 2013 the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (“the Department”) has progressively moved more of their processing systems online. Now all processing of medical results is done through the Department’s online system eMedical. This applies whether a person is required to undertake their medical examination in Australia with Medibank Health Solutions or with a panel doctor overseas.

To organise a medical examination applicants need to log into the eMedical system applicants with a HAP ID, which is their unique identifying number, linking the medical results to their visa application. Applicants are advised on the Department’s website that they can only use the eMedical service once they have submitted their visa application and a HAPID has been generated. Where an applicant has submitted an application online, they will be directed to the eMedical site once their application has been lodged. In all other cases the Department suggests that an applicant must wait to wait to complete their medicals until a HAPID has been generated by a case officer and emailed to the applicant.

Despite the advice on the Department’s website it is possible to use the eMedical service and undertake a visa medical prior to submitting a visa application. To do this the applicant must first complete the MyHealthDeclarations through eMedicalClient, which will generate a referral letter containing the prospective applicant’s HAPID. This will enable a prospective applicant to book their medical appointment with Medibank Health Solutions or the Panel Doctor overseas prior to submitting their visa application.

Applicant intending to complete their medical examination before they submit their visa application, should be aware that the results are generally only valid for a 12 month period. Applicants should therefore be mindful of current processing times for the visa they intend to apply for before undertaking medicals. If they undertake the medicals too far in advance of their application being processed they may be required to undertake them again in order for their visa application to be finalised.

While the process of collecting information from visa applicants undertaking medicals has been streamlined through eMedical, applicants must still attend a medical appointment in person and undergo the medical examinations required for their visa type. Where an applicant is undertaking their medical examination overseas with a panel doctor they are still being required to complete the paper-based medical check forms such as the Form 26 for the General Medical and Form 160 for the chest x-ray. These forms can be obtained on the Department website. When booking a medical appointment applicants should always confirm what they are required to bring to the appointment to ensure that the examination can proceed as arranged.

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