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Prospective Marriage Migration (subclass 300)

The application process for prospective marriage couples is in 3 stages.

The overseas partner applies for a prospective marriage visa allowing them to enter Australia as the fiancé(e) of an eligible sponsor.

Once the visa is granted, the overseas partner has 9 months to enter Australia, marry their eligible sponsor, and apply for the temporary spouse visa.

Permanent residency is then granted if the Immigration Department is satisfied that the visa applicant is still in a genuine relationship with an eligible sponsor 2 years after the grant of the temporary spouse visa.

Visa application process: Prospective Marriage Migration

Stage 1

Overseas partner enters Australia

Stage 2 

2 years from grant of provisional visa

Stage 3
Application for and issue of a prospective marriage visa allowing person to enter Australia

Application for and issue of a provisional visa allowing person to remain in Australia

Application for and grant of permanent visa

Marries within 9 months of visa grant




Key criteria for Prospective Marriage Migration Applications (subclass 300)

 Eligibility (subclass 300) Key criteria 
Intent to marry  Genuine intention to marry intended spouse (fiancé) and live as husband and wife
Sponsorship  Sponsorship by an eligible sponsor, who is usually the applicant’s intended spouse
Age  Both applicant and intended spouse must be over 18, or over 16 with a court order allowing the marriage
Gender  Applicant must be of the opposite sex to their intended spouse
Relationship  Applicant must have met intended spouse in person and know him or her personally.
Health Applicant meets applicable health standards
Character Applicant meets applicable character standards