COVID-19 and Visas
Employer-Linked Visas

Other Visa Categories

We assist with other temporary and permanent visa applications, such as:

  • Resident Return visas allowing people to extend their Australian permanent residency status. This includes people who are returning to Australia after a long period overseas.
  • Visitor stream visas allowing people to enter and remain in Australia temporarily for business, pleasure, working holidays, visiting family or medical treatment.
  • Student stream visas allowing people to enter or remain in Australia to undertake study at a school, university, English language college, vocational college, or trade school.
  • Temporary work stream visas allowing entertainers, public lecturers, religious workers, visiting academics, sports people, and people on work exchanges to enter and work lawfully in Australia.
  • New Zealand stream visas allowing citizens of New Zealand to take advantage of bilateral arrangements allowing easier migration between Australia and New Zealand.
  • Other visas including but not limited to self-funded retirees and transit passengers

How we are able to assist:

  • Advising on requirements and stages
  • Advising on strategy, including evidence required to support application
  • Drafting employment reference letters
  • Preparing detailed sponsorship applications by Australian organisations
  • Preparing applications for sponsorship by Australian citizens and permanent residents
  • Preparing visa applications
  • Making detailed written legal submissions to the Department of Immigration in support of applications
  • Ongoing liaison with the Department of Immigration during all stages of processing

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