COVID-19 and Visas
Employer-Linked Visas

Employer Sponsored Applicants

We have assisted a wide range of individuals to apply for employer sponsored visas. We have specialised in particularly complex cases, where the applicants have had difficulties meeting the legal criteria and had to show exceptional circumstances.

Some examples of the applicants we have assisted include:

  • Applicants with skills or work experience who prefer to be sponsored by an employer rather than apply under the General Skilled Migration stream
  • Applicants who have a General Skilled Migration application pending but find an employer to sponsor them under the Employer Nomination scheme
  • Professionals and associate professionals
  • All levels and types of managers and administrators
  • ‘Manual’ tradespersons such as tilers, toolmakers, carpenters, bricklayers, and motor mechanics
  • ‘Service’ tradespersons such as hairdressers, cooks, bakers, and child care workers
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Skilled or experienced persons without formal qualifications
  • Semi-skilled workers
  • Medical practitioners
  • Dentists and dental technicians
  • Nurses, midwives and social workers
  • Academics, teachers and education officers
  • Legal professionals
  • Film and television technicians
  • Applicants requiring a Labour Agreement
  • Applicants over 45 years of age (ENS and RSMS cases)
  • Applicants over 60 years of age (ENS and RSMS cases)
  • Applicants with less than Diploma level qualifications
  • Applicants with less than functional English
  • Applicants with character and/or health issues
  • International students - both during and after their Australian studies
  • Applicants with “adverse” immigration histories or who have provided false or misleading information to the Immigration Department
  • Applicants with “no further stay” conditions attached to their visas

For a visa applicant, their partner and dependents, employer sponsorship may lead to either the grant of permanent residency, or a temporary work visa which may provide a route to permanent residency in the future.