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Employer-Linked Visas

Complex and Difficult Cases

People seek our assistance in matters where their immigration or visa status or application is complex or critical or potentially at risk.

It is important for people in these circumstances to understand their legal position, rights, options, and how to move forward.

How we are able to assist:

  • Advising on strategy in dealing with the Department of Immigration or Minister for Immigration
  • Advising on options
  • Project managing and preparing written responses, submissions and applications to the Department of Immigration or Minister for Immigration
  • Assistance with collection of evidence in support of applications or submissions

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We have been able to assist people who:

  • Are unlawfully in Australia
  • Are in immigration detention
  • No longer have confidence in, or have reached a disagreement with, their existing registered migration agent
  • Have not had their case/application properly prepared or presented by their existing registered migration agent
  • Have had their visa cancelled, or it is about to be cancelled
  • Have had their visa application refused, or it is about to be refused
  • Are about to be removed or deported from Australia
  • Need to leave Australia and lodge an application overseas
  • Face an “exclusion period” and need to show exceptional circumstances for a visa to be granted
  • Have exhausted their application and appeal options and need to apply for Ministerial intervention into their case
  • Have complained to the Ombudsman seeking an investigation of a decision and/or the conduct of the Immigration Department
  • Need to overcome exclusion periods which would prevent them from returning to Australia within a given period, or lodging a further visa application
  • Need to overcome a “no further stay” condition on their visa
  • Are partner visa applicants the subject of domestic violence
  • Are provisional or temporary partner visa holders whose relationship with their Australian partner has ended
  • Have applied for a partner visa through a different sponsor in the past and now seek a partner visa through a new sponsor
  • Have previously sponsored an ex-partner for a partner visa and seek to sponsor their new partner
  • Have applied for a partner visa but are involved in a new genuine relationship with a person other than their original sponsor
  • Hold employer sponsored temporary work visas and their employment has terminated
  • Hold valid visas but have engaged in criminal activity or in conduct which brings character into question
  • Obtained the current or previous visas by providing the Immigration Department with false, incorrect or misleading information
  • Have used a false identity to enter and/or remain in Australia
  • Have a need for their application to be processed urgently
  • Are in Australia and are unable to get a passport from their country of nationality
  • Have a ‘chequered’ immigration history:
    • Having made previous applications that were refused
    • Having had a visa cancelled
    • Having made previous applications with little prospects of success
    • Having unsuccessfully appealed refusals of previous visa applications
  • Are required to show ‘exceptional circumstances’ for the grant of their visa, or demonstrate they are exempt from certain criteria