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Australian Citizenship

How we are able to assist:

  • Advising and representing people who have lost or been deprived of citizenship or have been threatened with deprivation of citizenship
  • Advising on eligibility to apply for citizenship
  • Advising on evidence required in support of the citizenship application
  • Preparing and coordinating the citizenship application
  • Preparing detailed written submissions, as required
  • Addressing any character issues

Contact Visa Lawyers Australia for assistance.

We have assisted citizenship applicants in situations which have included

  • Having lived in Australia as temporary residents and not being aware of eligibility for Australian citizenship
  • Applicants considered to be not of good character
  • Allegations that permanent residency was improperly obtained
  • Difficulty producing evidence to support Australian descent
  • Having lived outside of Australia as permanent residents for significant periods of time
  • Applicants exempt from satisfying residency criteria for grant of citizenship
  • Clarifying reasons for cessation of Australian citizenship
  • Demonstrating significant hardship or detriment to resume Australian citizenship
  • Applicants seeking to resume their Australian citizenship
  • Applicants who have had their citizenship application refused
  • Applicants who have had their citizenship cancelled
  • Applicants threatened with cancellation of citizenship

The rights and obligations of Australian citizens

Australian citizenship represents full and formal membership of the community of the Commonwealth of Australia. This means that, as a citizen of Australia, you will have the right to:

  • Travel in and out of Australia without requiring a visa
  • Vote in government elections
  • Apply for any public office or stand for election as a Member of Parliament
  • Apply for an Australian passport
  • Apply to serve in the Australian Defence Forces
  • Apply for certain government jobs
  • Register your children as Australian citizens
  • Request emergency assistance from Australian consular staff when travelling outside Australia
  • Not be removed or deported from Australia

These rights are in addition to those that people already hold as permanent residents of Australia.

Persons on whom Australian citizenship is conferred enjoy these rights and also undertake to accept the following obligations:

  • Pledge loyalty to Australia and its people;
  • Share in Australia’s democratic beliefs;
  • Respect other Australian citizens’ rights and liberties; and
  • Uphold and obey the laws of Australia.

Becoming an Australian citizen

To become an Australian citizen by descent, adoption, conferral or resumption, an application must be made to the Minister and certain criteria must be met before the grant of citizenship will be made.

Once your application for citizenship is approved you will be required to make a pledge of loyalty to Australia at a citizenship ceremony.

More details on the requirements for Australian Citizenship.