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Visa Conditions

New Legislation: Prohibition On Receiving “Payment For A Visa”

On 14 December 2015, the Australian Government introduced new criminal, civil and administrative sanctions, and visa cancellation provisions as part of a framework that makes “payment for visas” behaviour illegal. More

Changes to Australian Visa Cancellation Powers

The Migration Act has been amended so that people in Australia on temporary visas can now have their visas cancelled even if they pose a low level of risk to the Australian community. The Migration Act will also be amended to provide the minister with the power to cancel a visa if he or she is not satisfied as to the visa holder's identity. More

Setting aside cancellation of student visa – evidence and preparation is key

Success in getting student visa cancellation overturned by MRT. More

Medicare eligibility for permanent residency applicants

Medicare entitlements for those without citizenship or PR. More

Removing “No Further Stay” Conditions

In certain cases, it is possible to apply to the Minister to have the no further stay condition removed or waived. More

Work Condition 8101 - “No Work”

New work conditions attached to temporary visas including visitor visas, student visas, temporary business visas and bridging visas. More