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Victoria rolls out the red carpet for PhD graduates

The contents of this article are correct as at 2 February 2012.

The Victorian government has made special arrangements with DIAC for international students who have completed a PhD at a Victorian University.

Former PhD graduates are able to nominate any occupation on an expanded list of occupations.

This policy applies to:

  • Students who have recently graduated with a PhD from a Victorian university, and their PhD is in a area that is closely related to one of the occupations eligible for this scheme; and/or
  • Former students who previously completed a PhD at a Victorian University and now have 12 months’ post-doctorate work experience in one of the occupations eligible for this scheme. This includes former students who left Australia after completion of their Victorian studies and are now working overseas.

Apart from the expanded list of available occupations, the usual requirements for skilled migration permanent residency still apply. These include age restrictions, a positive skills assessment, English language requirements and satisfaction of a ‘points test’.

If you are a former PhD graduate from a Victorian University, we can provide you with a free assessment of your prospects of applying for skilled migration permanent residency with the support of the Victorian Government. Please go to our free assessment page.

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