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Decision ready checklists for General Skilled Migration applications

The contents of this article are correct as at 20 September 2010.

In order to speed up processing of visa applications, the Department of Immigration team in Brisbane has recently announced a ‘Decision Ready Checklist’ system.

This allows Migration Agents to lodge complete, ‘decision ready’ applications, which are then priority allocated to a case officer for processing within 10 working days of receipt.

What is a decision ready application?

A decision ready application is an application that includes all the required forms, fees and all supporting documents.

In essence, the application is one where a case officer is able to make a decision on the application without having to request any further information or documents from the client or agent.

If any information or documentation is outstanding on the application, the decision ready scheme will not apply.

Decision ready checklists may be available for e-lodged applications within the following visa subclasses:

  • Subclass 485
  • Subclass 487
  • Subclass 885
  • Subclass 886
  • Subclass 887

Not every application lodged within the above visa subclasses will be eligible for the decision ready scheme.

For applications under subclass 885, 886 and 487, the decision ready scheme is only available to applicants in priority group 2 (state or territory nominated) or priority group 3 (occupation is on the Skilled Occupations List – Schedule 3).

Once all applications in priority group 2 & 3 have been finalized, the department will accept decision ready checklists for occupations in priority group 4

How long will DIAC take to finalise my application if it is ‘decision ready’?

Although applications will be allocated to a case officer within 10 working days under the decision ready scheme, this does not mean that a decision will be made in 10 working days.

Once a case officer has been allocated a case, the processing time will vary depending on each particular case. There may be for example the need for further security checks.

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