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Resident Return & Citizenship

Conferral Of Citizenship Due To Hardship Or Disadvantage – How Much Is Necessary?

A non-citizen person may be able to apply for the conferral of citizenship upon their permanent resident child by demonstrating that the child would otherwise suffer hardship and disadvantage. More

Citizenship Applicants With Australian Partners May Not Be Required To Satisfy General Residency Requirements

It may come as a surprise to some permanent residents that they are not required to satisfy the usual residency requirements for grant of Australian citizenship. More

Meeting The Character Requirement For Citizenship

The most common pathway for an Australian permanent resident to become an Australian citizen is by making an application for citizenship by conferral. One of the key requirements for a person to become an Australian citizen by conferral is that they are a person of good character (section 21(2)(h), Citizenship Act 2007. This article has been prepared to assist potential citizenship applicants in understanding the character requirements for citizenship and to shed some light on the way these requirements are currently applied by decision makers. More

Return Resident (Subclass 155) Visa - Changes to Validity Period

Recent changes will limit the opportunities for Australian permanent residents to “extend” their permanent residency status through the Resident Return visa (RRV) pathway. More