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Information on Entry to Australia and Visa Processing in Light of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


A note on the 2019 novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): on 1 February, 2020, Australian Border Force (ABF) released an alert in relation to permitted travel to Australia from mainland China.

The ABF has indicated it will temporarily deny entry to anyone who has left or transited mainland China from 1 February (https://www.abf.gov.au/news-media/archive/article?itemId=354).

At this stage it is unknown how long these temporary measures will remain in place (though it appears they will be reviewed in the next 14 days).

If you have been in mainland China or transited mainland China since 1 February 2020, this has the potential to impact your (and your family’s) ability to enter Australia at the present time, even whilst holding a current visa.

You will not be denied entry to Australia if you are an Australian citizen, permanent resident or are the immediate family member of an Australian citizen or permanent resident, including a spouse, dependent minor, or legal guardian.

Possible delays in processing for Australia visa applications

In light of the recent travel ban due to the 2019 novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), there may be consequential processing delays to permanent or temporary visa applications lodged for entry to Australia.

Other flow on effects may be that applicants in the region have difficulty obtaining police clearances, undertaking English language exams and undertaking health exams as businesses and government departments may limit operations due to the outbreak.

DFAT Advisory for Travel to China

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued a do not travel advice for China. Please see the link for more details. https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/destinations/asia/china

6 February 2020 Visa Lawyers Australia