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Information on Entry to Australia and Visa Processing in Light of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

A note on the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV): on 1 February, 2020, Australian Border Force (ABF) released an alert in relation to permitted travel to Australia from mainland China. More

Ability to Renew a 462 Work and Holiday Visa

Under current law, 462 Work and Holiday visas are granted for a period of 1 year. From 19 November 2016, both current and former 462 visa holders may apply for a second 462 visa, which will be granted for 1 year. More

Greece & Poland join Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462) Eligible Countries

On 1 August 2014 the Australian Government extended its Working Holiday Maker Program to passport holders of Poland and Greece. More

Streamlining Student Visa Processing Arrangements

In October 2013 the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection and the Minister for Education jointly announced the introduction of streamlined visa processing arrangements for applicants seeking to enrol in courses at particular education institutions. Such applicants, regardless of their country of origin, will no longer be assigned an Assessment Level and will therefore be viewed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) as being a low immigration risk. More

Name Change & New Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

In September 2013 the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) changed its name to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to emphasise the new Liberal government’s commitment to “Stop the Boats”. More

Changes to Student Visa Cancellation Procedures

In April 2013 a new approach to student visa cancellation was implemented by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). From that date Education Providers can no longer issue Section 20 Notices, which means DIAC no longer has the power to automatically cancel student visas. More

Changes to Bridging Visas for Partner and Parent Applicants

From November 2012, onshore partner and parent visa applicants will be granted a Bridging Visa A and Bridging Visa B with nil conditions. More

Updated List of Accredited Institutions - Recognised Temporary Graduate (Subclass 476)

In October 2012, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship updated the list of accredited institutions foreign nationals can graduate from to become eligible for a Recognised Graduate Temporary Visa (subclass 476). More

Student Visa Changes from 24 March 2012

The Australian government announced a number of beneficial changes for student visa applicants effective as of 24 March 2012, including changes to assessment levels, work conditions and English language studies. More

Courts open door to MRT review of Labour Agreement 457 visa refusals

In a recent case run by Visa Lawyers Australia, the Federal Magistrates Court has confirmed that the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) can review DIAC decisions to refuse 457 visa applications that are based on a Labour Agreement. This is the case even where there is no Labour Agreement in place. More

Australia welcomes genuine students

The Australian government has recently changed the requirements for student visas to make it easier for students to come to Australia to study. More

The Knight Review – Australian visa requirements relaxed for international students

International student enrolments at Australian Universities have dropped considerably since peaking in 2009. This prompted the Australian government to commission a strategic review of the student visa program on 14 January 2011. The objective of the review, conducted by Mr Michael Knight, was to explain the reason for the decline and provide recommendations for a viable program which will balance Australia's economic, educational, and migration interests. Mr Knight made 41 recommendations on how to reform the Australian Student visa program. On 22 September 2011, the government announced that it has accepted all recommendations in the Knight Review, with the majority proposed to come into effect before the second semester of 2012. More

China Overtakes UK as the Largest Contributor to Immigration in Australia

For the first time in its history, Australia has accepted more Chinese than British migrants in any one year. Australia accepted 29,547 migrants from China between 30 June 2010 and 30 June 2011, while UK immigrants amounted to a total of 23,931 during the same period. More

Australian Migration Program for 2011-2012

The Australian Federal Government has announced an increase in the Migration Program Planning Levels for 2011-2012, to 185,000. The increase of 16,300 places from 2010-11 planning levels has mostly been allocated to the Skill Stream to assist in meeting the demand for skilled migrants given strong employment growth and tightening labour market conditions. More

ENS and RSMS Processing Overload

DIAC’s Parramatta office is experiencing an overload in applications. More

Challenging “Cap and Cease” Letters

While there has been suggestion that the legality of the “cap and cease” letters could be challenged, in practice this would be difficult and expensive. More

Visa capping and termination bill: ministerial power to control and “kill” applications

New 'Visa Capping' bill gives the Minister power to cap and terminate visa applications. More

Changes to Priority Processing effective from 23 September 2009

New processing priorities for certain skilled migration visa applications. More

2009-2010 Australian Budget and impact on immigration levels

Changes to Australia’s migration planning levels, with decreased General Skilled Migration. More

MRT appeal successful for applicant without competent English at time of DIAC decision (Subclass 485)

Our firm successfully represented a Migration Review Tribunal (“MRT”) applicant, who did not have competent English. More

Automatic work permission for students

Since 26 April 2008, all newly granted Australian student visas have had permission to work granted automatically. More