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Correct as at 1 September 2023


Just announced – the Pandemic Event Visa Program Closes to New Applicants after 1 Sep 2023

In a joint press release, the Minister for Home Affairs and the Minister for Immigration have announced that from 2 September 2023, the Pandemic Event visa pathway will be closed to new applicants who do not currently hold a Pandemic Event visa.

This visa is also referred to as the Temporary Activity (subclass 408) Australian Government endorsed events (COVID-19 Pandemic event) visa.

From 2 September 2023, this pathway will only be open to new applications from existing Pandemic Event visa holders.

From 2 September 2023, new applications will receive a six month visa.

From February 2024, this visa pathway will be closed to all applicants.

Anyone with a valid Pandemic Event visa may remain lawfully in Australia until their current visa expires.

In this press release, the Ministers make it clear that new settings are now in place and that the program will not be extended, advising those who currently hold or are granted a Pandemic Event visa moving forward, that they can no longer rely on the Pandemic Event visa as a rolling temporary visa option to remain in Australia.

Pandemic Event visa holders are advised to seek to apply for a different visa after their current Pandemic Event visa where they will need to meet the criteria for that visa. Further, the Ministers noted in their press release that those without any options for other visa applications are expected to depart Australia when their visa expires.