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The temporary graduate 485 visa provides a pathway for international students (and eligible partners) to extend their stay in Australia upon the completion of their course of study. When granted, the 485 visa provides the holder with unrestricted work rights.

There are two streams under this pathway, the Post Study Work Stream (PSWS) and the Graduate Work Stream (GWS).

One factor that will determine the stream for which you are eligible, relates to when you applied for your first ever Australian student visa.

You may be eligible for the 485 PSWS visa if:

  • you applied for and were granted your first ever student visa to Australia on or after 5 November 2011; and
  • you have graduated from an Australian education provider with a tertiary level qualification (eg Bachelor, Masters or PhD).

485 visas granted under the PSWS are for the following periods:

  • 4 years, if you completed a PhD in Australia.
  • 3 years, if you completed a Masters by research in Australia.
  • 2 years, if you completed a Bachelor or Masters by coursework in Australia.

All studies must be CRICOS registered, of at least 2 years duration and consistent with the Australian Study requirement.

If you do not fall within the Post Study Work Stream but have completed an eligible CRICOS registered qualification with an Australian education provider that is closely related to an occupation on the Medium and Long term Strategic Skills List, you may be eligible to apply within the Graduate Work Stream. You will need to meet the Australian Study requirement. 485 visas within the GWS are granted for a maximum period of 18 months.

The application process and the documents required to be provided to the Department varies greatly between the two streams so it is important to determine your eligibility prior to applying for the subclass 485 to ensure you are applying under the appropriate stream and you are able to provide the required documents and information. It should be noted that 485 criteria are quite strict.

Further information about the 485 visa, and how we can assist you, please see the Individual Services section of our website.