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The contents of this article are correct as at 5 September 2008

The Department of Immigration has announced new policy arrangements for overseas students who wish to work while studying in Australia.   Student visa holders are able to work once granted permission to do so from the Department of Immigration, and once their course has commenced.   Since 26 April 2008, all newly granted student visas have had permission to work granted automatically.   This has removed the need for students to apply for a replacement student visa after entering Australia in order to request permission to work.   The law restricts student visa holders to 20 hours’ work per week while study is in session. This allows students to work full-time hours during study breaks, and once having completed their studies.   There are a range of good reasons to work while studying in Australia. Apart from the obvious financial benefits, the work may be considered skilled work experience that can count towards an application for permanent residency.   If you are an international student and would like more information about how your work experience may benefit an application for permanent residency, please contact us through our Permanent Residency Free Assessment page.