Including Dependents On Your Visa Application
The Australian Government has introduced far reaching changes to the definition of Member of the Family Unit (MoFU) for the purpose of most visa applications. There are now significant limitations on the class of persons that can be considered part of MoFU and hence be included in a visa application.
Character Assessment of Australian Sponsors of Partner Visa Applications
From 18 November 2016, Australian citizen and permanent resident Sponsors of Partner Visa and Prospective Marriage Visa applications (“a partner visa”), are subject to character testing. In line with current Australian Government strategies to reduce family violence in the Australian community, the new provisions have been introduced to prevent Australians who have committed a relevant offence from being able to sponsor someone for a partner visa.
Temporary suspension of Offshore General Skilled Migration (GSM) applications for Subclasses 175, 176 and 475

The contents of this article are correct as at 1 June 2010.


The Australian Government has decided to temporarily suspend the acceptance of Offshore General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa applications as the demand for GSM places exceeds the available supply.

Additionally, DIAC wants to ensure that all offshore general skilled applications made will be according to the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) which was released on 17 May 2010.

Temporary suspension means that people will not be able to lodge a valid application during the suspension period which began on 8 May 2010 and is expected to remain in effect until the end of 30 June 2010.
The temporary suspension applies only to primary (main) applicants for the following visa subclasses:

  • Subclass 175 – Skilled Independent (Migrant) visa
  • Subclass 176 – Skilled Sponsored (Migrant) visa
  • Subclass 475 – Skilled Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa.

Any of the above GSM applications submitted on or after 8 May 2010 are considered invalid and will be returned, together with the Visa Application Charge (VAC). However, associated fees such as those incurred for medical examinations, English language tests and skills assessments will not be refunded as these payments were not made to the Government.

Your Application Status

  1. If you mailed your application by post for one of the above visas, and it is received by DIAC before 8 May 2010 then it will be accepted, provided you meet all the other requirements for lodging a valid application.
  2. If you lodged an application for one of the above visas online through the DIAC website before midnight Australian Time (AEST) on 7 May 2010, then it will be accepted provided you meet all the other requirements for lodging a valid application.

Dependants of holders of a Subclass 475 – Skilled Regional Sponsored visa planning to apply as subsequent entrants are not affected by the temporary suspension. Such applicants should lodge a paper application.

Please note the suspension does not affect onshore general skilled migration visas, such as subclasses 485, 885, 886 and 887.

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