Including Dependents On Your Visa Application
The Australian Government has introduced far reaching changes to the definition of Member of the Family Unit (MoFU) for the purpose of most visa applications. There are now significant limitations on the class of persons that can be considered part of MoFU and hence be included in a visa application.
Character Assessment of Australian Sponsors of Partner Visa Applications
From 18 November 2016, Australian citizen and permanent resident Sponsors of Partner Visa and Prospective Marriage Visa applications (“a partner visa”), are subject to character testing. In line with current Australian Government strategies to reduce family violence in the Australian community, the new provisions have been introduced to prevent Australians who have committed a relevant offence from being able to sponsor someone for a partner visa.

Visa Options and Immigration Solutions

The Australian immigration system provides many different options and solutions for people wishing to enter or remain in Australia, whatever their personal circumstances.

Generally speaking, the immigration system is designed to attract skilled migrants, skilled temporary workers and business people. It also accommodates family members and partners of Australians, international students, other temporary visitors and people in need of Australia’s protection.

Our service is friendly, results-driven and efficient, drawing on a wealth of legal training and professional experience. By providing 7 key services – and upholding 7 key commitments to our clients we take the stress out of the application and lodgment process, providing a streamlined and efficient legal service aiming to achieve the desired visa outcome in the shortest possible time.

Visa Services

Visa Lawyers Australia has extensive experience in assisting people to enter and remain in Australia under the following visa streams:

For Employers

 We have a solid track record in developing strategies for employers to identify sponsorship pathways that address their recruitment needs.

For Individuals

In addition to these visa streams we are also able to assist with:

Complex and Difficult Cases

Options and solutions may exist for people who:

Appeals and Reviews

We may be able to assist people who have had their applications refused or visas cancelled and need to appeal.

Permanent or Temporary Residency

Australian visas entitle the holders to permanent residency or temporary residency. The residency status granted results in wide ranging differences to the rights of the visa holder.

Australian Citizenship

We have reliable experience in assisting permanent residents gain Australian citizenship. We also have experience in assisting those who have lost or been deprived of Australian citizenship.

Please click this link for more information on the key requirements for Australian Citizenship.