Skills Select: State And Territory Government Nominated Permanent Visas (Subclasses 190 & 498)
An alternative pathway to independent skilled migration is for applicants to find a State or Territory Government to nominate them. State and Territory Governments are able to nominate an applicant for a permanent 190 visa, or a temporary 489 regional area visa which leads to permanent residency, if certain additional requirements are satisfied after grant of the visa. This article provides information about applying for a visa via this pathway, with information about the benefits and the pitfalls involved.
Citizenship Applicants With Australian Partners May Not Be Required To Satisfy General Residency Requirements
It may come as a surprise to some permanent residents that they are not required to satisfy the usual residency requirements for grant of Australian citizenship.
ENS and RSMS Processing Overload

The contents of this article are correct as at 24 August 2010.

DIAC’s Parramatta office is experiencing an overload in applications for the Employer Nomination and Regional Skilled Migration Schemes (ENS & RSMS), according to the Director of Program Delivery.

Due to this large volume of casework, applications selected at random and involving 1700 people will instead be assigned to case officers in DIAC’s Perth and Melbourne processing centers.

Affected applicants will be notified by the case-officer once their case is allocated.

At present, the Department has plans for a new model of ENS and RSMS processing which will reward applicants who lodge complete applications. No further information on the new model is available at this time.

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