ICT Work Experience Assessments by the Australian Computer Society – Part II
The article titled "ICT Work Experience Assessments by the Australian Computer Society" dated 28 June 2013 addressed the criteria for skills assessment when applying to the Australian Computer Society (ACS). At the time of writing the above article, the question remained whether the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (Immigration Department) would recognise (and potentially award points for) all relevant work experience obtained after completion of the required qualification.
Introduction of Labour Market Testing to the Subclass 457 Visa Scheme
On 23 November 2013 laws in relation to labour market testing under the subclass 457 visa scheme came into effect.The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has stated that labour market testing (LMT) has been introduced to ensure that the subclass 457 visa is only used to meet genuine skill shortages in the Australian labour market.
ENS and RSMS Processing Overload

The contents of this article are correct as at 24 August 2010.

DIAC’s Parramatta office is experiencing an overload in applications for the Employer Nomination and Regional Skilled Migration Schemes (ENS & RSMS), according to the Director of Program Delivery.

Due to this large volume of casework, applications selected at random and involving 1700 people will instead be assigned to case officers in DIAC’s Perth and Melbourne processing centers.

Affected applicants will be notified by the case-officer once their case is allocated.

At present, the Department has plans for a new model of ENS and RSMS processing which will reward applicants who lodge complete applications. No further information on the new model is available at this time.

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